The e-bike in Brussels

 In September 2017, September 2017 Engels

On Thursday, september 7th,  the GOB organised an interactive workshop about electric bikes. Cycle Valley, your service partner for company bikes, played a big role in the event and educated the employees of the GOB about e-bikes and their use. Below, you’ll find a summary of the day, and some helpful tips!


At 8.30 a.m. the first participants showed up. After some small talk, the workshop was about to start. Wim informed the employees about the convenience and efficiency of the e-bike, but also about the obstacles. He also sensitized them to go to work by bicycle, as this has quite some benefits!


Below, Nathalie talks about five of them:

  • No more traffic jams! Everybody hates going 10km/h.

  • It’s a lot cheaper. You save money on gas and parking spots!

  • Biking is healthy! A couple kilometers a day increases  our condition and life expectancy.

  • It’s ecological. Bye bye CO2 emissions.

  • It’s amazing for your corporate image. Green is cool, is your company durable?


After the interesting presentation, it was time to try those e-bikes out. Cycle Valley planned a tour in Brussels with electric bicycles. 4 Groups or a total of 30 people were going to discover the benefits by themself.

We headed to the Simon Bolivar Square, where the tour was about to start. No one had ever been on a electric bike, so most people were quite curious. When everybody was wearing their helmet and fluorescent vests, the first group departed.

And they loved the e-bike! It was no longer a hassle to climb those frustrating bridges. Colleagues that would normally sweat a lot after a ride noticed the difference: it’s lot faster and there was no need to change those clothes!

“It was amazing to see how people, who hadn’t cycled in ages, really enjoyed the tour. They found it amazing how efficient an e-bike can be in Brussels.”

And we, as Cycle Valley, were also glad to be at this event. It’s fantastic to see people get used to the bike in Brussels. We are now aiming for innovative cities and companies, that care about durability: the companies of the future.

Do you also know a city or company where e-bikes are needed? Please let us know!


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