Bicycle safety

 In Oktober 2017, September 2017

Almost everyone learns how to drive a bicycle when they’re young. Yet, not everyone learns how to ride one safely. If your two-wheeler is in perfect condition, and you know the traffic rules, you’re halfway. But what can you do to prevent accidents and feel safe? Below you’ll find our tips & tricks for cycling safely!


  1. Use your bicycle regularly

It is important that you ride your bike regularly. This way you’ll feel safer on the road and you’ll get used to your bike faster.

  1. Wear a helmet

90% of the cyclists who die in traffic die to head injuries. Riding your bicycle at a high speed is very risky. Wear a helmet and fluorescent items. They can save your life.

  1. Adjust your bike correctly

Use your own bike as much as possible and make sure you adjust your saddle and steering wheel to your length and body. A bicycle from someone else increases the likelihood of accidents.

  1. Fix your lights, brakes and tires

Both front and rear lights are mandatory and save lives. In the dark you aren’t visible without lights. You can choose whether you want lights that work with a dynamo or a battery. You should also make sure your tires are inflated and your brakes work well. They reduce the risk of accidents drastically.

  1. Stand out

Also, when you think you are completely visible, a parked car or a tree may obstruct the view of the car drivers. So watch out at intersections and make eye contact with the drivers!

  1. Visibility


If you see a truck, watch out for it. These vehicles have a way smaller view than others. Watch out at red lights and intersections.

Rainy weather or winter temperatures can limit the view of drivers. The vaporized screens can cause troubles and increase the risk of accidents.

Extra tips


  • Watch out for roundabouts. Here, there are 25% more accidents than at normal junctions.
  • Use your ears to estimate the traffic situation: you’re better of not listening to your iPod.
  • Don’t give thieves a chance and lock your bike. Do this by attaching your bike to a pole or a bicycle rack.
  • Remove valuable items from your bike bag and don’t forget your portable lights.

But above all: enjoy your bike!

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