Cycle Valley at Bike Brussels

 In Oktober 2017, September 2017

Bike Brussels, the Brussels Urban Bicycle Event, was a success. From the 15th to 18th September 2017 you could meet Cycle Valley there, with their bicycle solutions for companies and cities. Furthermore, you could admire countless mobility experts and cycling innovations. Below we’ll give you a summary of the four days in Brussels!


We began to build our stand. We provided a whole lot of new attributes, because we knew that a lot of people were coming. Once done, we had a quick meal, because it wasn’t much longer until the first visitors would arrive!

During the first three days, most visitors were consumers. Since we mainly provide business bikes, via leasing, renting or purchase, they weren’t immediately our target audience. Still, we wanted to do something for those interested and we placed one of our bikes in the spotlight. We gave a nice discount on one of our Thompson bikes.

We also gave bicycle advice. Many consumers know very little about (electric) cycling, and an event like Bike Brussels is the ideal moment to learn everything about e-bikes. We convinced them of the potential of the bicycle in the city, since there are plenty of reasons to use the electric bicycle.


Nathalie Boileau, Cycle Valley: “We found out that a ton of people are really interested in the e-bike. They know what traffic problems there are and absolutely hate traffic jams. That’s why Bike Brussels is ideal for them to learn everything about the new mobility solutions. They recieved information about the biking innovations, and they had the chance to test all kinds of bikes on the indoor piste or  in the outdoor bike park. “


After three days of talking to cycling enthusiasts, it was time for the last day: the B2B day. Our most important day in other words, as more and more companies realize the benefits of their own business bikes. We had a lot of good conversations at this event so we’re ready for next year!

Source: http://www.bikebrussels.be/

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