Prevent bicycle theft

 In Oktober 2017, September 2017

Everyone knows the stress when you can’t find your bike right away. Was my bike properly locked? Was he in sight? Did I put my bike in the right place? Phew, he’s still there. But what if my bicycle wasn’t there anymore? Below, we’ll learn you how to prevent your bike from being stolen.



Make sure your bicycle is locked.

Do you want your bike to be safe? Then use multiple locks! A strong ring lock on the rear wheel, along with a chain or U lock, are already wonderful. Here you’ll find more information about locks.

Lock your bike both by the wheel and your frame. This prevents your wheel from being disconnected from the rest of your bike.

Make sure your lock isn’t close to the ground, since thieves can easily destroy the lock with a heavy object (for example a stone), and open it further with a set of tools.

Engrave your bike

Engrave your zip code and house number in the bar of your bike, or choose another number. Thanks to such a number, your bike can be found faster. Nowadays, there are also chips that can be read by the police or by bicycle dealers.

Insure your bike

Still afraid that your bike might get stolen? Insure your bike against both theft and damage. This option is especially suitable for expensive or electric bikes. Cycle Valley can also insure company bikes.

Bike tire valve close to lock

When locking your lock, make sure that it’s close to your valve. If thieves want to break your lock, they’ll probably also damage the tire valve. This keeps thieves away from stealing your bike.

 Put your bicycle in a bike rack

Make sure your bike is in sight, or put it in a guarded stable. These places have many people around them. If possible, don’t leave your bike in front of your door. Research showed that more than 50% of the bikes are stolen at the front door. Closer than you thought so, right?

Now that you know all the tricks against thieves, there are no excuses for not taking the bicycle. But maybe electric company bikes are even more convenient?



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