Company car or company bike

 In Oktober 2017, September 2017

One of the reasons why the number of company cars has risen sharply for the last years are the high wage costs in our country. But is it fair to solve this fiscal problem by imposing the mobility system? The electric bicycle can also offer solutions!


In total, approximately 13.5% of working Belgians have a company car, which corresponds to around 625,000 cars. The number of company cars also increases. Between 2006 and 2015, the number of company cars increased with over 200.000, and this isn’t how it should be! We explain why.

 More company cars = more traffic jams

No one likes to be in a traffic jam. A study shows that a company car produces about 6000 extra kilometers of traffic jams annually. Those traffic jams often cause frustrations or employees that’ll arrive late at work. Here you can find why electric bikes are ideal for avoiding this traffic.

Many commercial vehicles do not pay a CO2 contribution

On company cars for employees, a CO2 contribution must be paid. But for the cars of business executives, they aren’t obligated. Shouldn’t we just cycle without the emission?

No company car? You are still paying a share

3500 euros. That is the amount that a company car costs the government The total direct tax cost thus amounts to about 2,175 billion euros. The tank card, which is attractive to both the employer and the employee, also costs the government a lot.

It increases social inequality

Research from Brussels showed that as employees use their company cars more, it becomes more profitable for them, and their purchasing power increases.

The abolition of commercial vehicles would therefore only reduce their purchasing power, and increase the purchasing power of anyone without a company car. This would counteract inequality as the people who would notice this difference are usually the groups with a lower income.

The electric bicycle

Two of the biggest disadvantages of the company car (CO2 emissions and traffic formation) can easily be avoided while still keeping the tax benefits of the company car. This can be done by leasing, renting or buying electric bicycles.

Do you think of bikes for your staff? See the benefits for companies here.

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