Benefits of leasing company bikes

 In Oktober 2017, September 2017

More and more employers want to make sure they keep their employees. A part of that strategy is a flex income plan. Leasing company bikes is one of the opportunities, but what are the benefits for the employers? Below you’ll find a brief overview!


  • Fiscal incentives

All the costs related to the commuting bike promotion are 120% deductible for companies. This measure applies to all costs for bikes and cycling infrastructures as showers, lockers, bike racks, …

  • You motivate your employees

The bicycle fee is not mandatory, as you could read here. However, you can pay your staff a fee of up to 23 cents per mile. That can only lead to satisfied and more skilled staff!

  • Your company is easily accessible

A lot of employees arrive full of anger at their job, the main reason here are the traffic jams. All this while we can easily avoid them! 10-15 kilometers are not a single problem with an electric bicycle.

  • It’s a lot cheaper than other mobility solutions

Business bikes are much cheaper than company cars. You can also ignore the fuel cost of gasoline or diesel, which adds up quickly. In addition, you save on parking buildings!

  • Your staff will arrive on time

No more excuses like: “I couldn’t make it because the bus was too late.” Or “I was in traffic, it’s not my fault.” With an electric bike, your employees know how long the ride’ll take, and they will be a lot more punctual.

  • You think of your corporate image

Green solutions such as bicycles provide a modern and sustainable image. Who doesn’t want such a positive image?

  • Your employees will stay longer

A lot of people are job hoppers. Nevertheless, it is important to keep your human capital close. They often have a huge value in the company. A detailed business mobility plan is therefore a big advantage, as it is a great convenience for the staff.

  • There is less absence

Research showed that cycling to work gave employees a fresh mind, and they generally felt better during the day. Also, the staff has less chance of burnouts and is up to 15% less absent.

Do you also see the advantages of company bikes? Cycle Valley provides carefree bicycle solutions for companies and cities. This is done by leasing, renting or selling (electric) bicycles.

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