Types of bicycle locks

 In Oktober 2017, September 2017

In Belgium around 40,000 bicycles are stolen every year. And these are just the official figures, in fact, the actual number is a lot higher. Apparently, one of the biggest reasons people don’t use the bicycle is because they are affraid that someone might steal their bike. But if you know how to lock your bike safely, it can hardly be stolen! Below you’ll find some of our best tips.


Bicycle parking rack

If you’ll only be away for a few minutes, then it’s usually safe enough to secure your wheels to the frame of your bike. But if you plan to stay away for a while, you’re best of locking your bike to a pole or a bike rack. Make sure you secure your frame, because wheels are very easy to disconnect.

Will you leave your bike for a few days? Then lock both the frame and the wheels. You’re best of locking your rear wheel to the bike frame, and your front wheel and frame to a pole. But what exactly is the difference between bicycle locks? We’ll give your a brief overview below!


U lock

A U lock is firm and wide. These are quite strong and will keep your bicycle safe. However, make sure you invest  in a quality lock. The cheaper ones can be opened with a simple trick. Watch out that there isn’t not too much space between the lock and the bike.



Ring lock

These days, a ring lock is widely used. It’s standard on most bikes, and handy since you’ll always have it with you. They are hard to force, however we advise you to combine them with another lock.


Combination lock

You shoudn’t use a combination lock. Research has shown that these are very easy to open.

Cable lock

Cable locks often look solid, but actually they are just a steel cable with some plastic wrapped around it.


Steel chains

Ordinary steel chains aren’t reliable. On the other hand, the hardened ones are really strong. These usually cost a little more, but they are definitely worth the investment. You can recognize them by the links that are usually colored. Note that the lock that keeps the chains together should be of the same quality as the chain, otherwise it doesn’t make sense to invest in an expensive chain.


Now you know how to safely lock your bike! But what are the benefits of (electric) bicycles?

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