11 reasons to use the e-bike

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These days a lot of people go to work by bike. And that’s very smart, since it’s very beneficial to take the bicycle. Driving is expensive, bad for the environment and everybody hates traffic jams. So we started looking for alternatives.The electric bicycle is one of the best alternatives there is, and here’s why!


  1. You no longer have to change your course

Everybody hates the hills that get you really tired. With an e-bike, you no longer have to worry about those hills, and you can just take the shortest course.

  1. It’s healthy

Using an (electric) bicycle is very healthy. It reduces the risk of heart and vascular disease, and the risk of diabetes is also reduced drastically. Movement is extremely important, but during busy days, most people don’t think about it. By biking to work, you’ll be efficient and active! 

  1. You earn money

As an employee, you can apply for a cycle allowance. Earning money by cycling to work is easy, right? Here you’ll find how a cycle allowance works.

  1. You can choose what efforts you do

A standard electric bike supports you up to 25 km/h. If that’s not enough for you, you can just go harder on those pedals. If you want to go even faster, you can think about purchasing a speed pedelec, or a fast e-bike. These go up to 45 kilometers per hour. Quite fast for a bicycle, right?

  1. You’ll sweat a lot less

A big disadvantage of cycling to work is the sweat. Nobody likes to be all sweaty, especially if you forgot your deodorant. With the electric bicycle, there’ll be no more hassle. Let you support you by your bike and you’ll notice the difference: no more extra shirts needed!

  1. You’ll easily avoid traffic jams

The average speed in the city is 11 kilometer per hour. Frustrating, right? Without training the average biker goes up to 15km/h, and with an e-bike up to 25km/h!

  1. You’ll feel better and healthier

On the bike you’ll train your thighs and calves, and you’ll easily burn calories. No matter what route you’d take, you’re gonna feel a lot fitter. Extra: you’ll lose those spare kilos in no time!

  1. It’s a lot cheaper

With the (electric) bicycle you don’t need any gasoline or diesel. Also, no expensive insurance or taxes are required. And thanks to the public charging points for e-bikes, electricity will cost you nothing!

  1. You can transport heavy things or kids without suffering

Once  we need to take our kids somewhere, or need to move heavier stuff, we usually take the car. But the e-bike can also be a solution here! There are electric cargo bicycles that can easily take care of your heavy equipment.

  1. It’s environmentally friendly

As a cyclist you don’t emit CO2. Producing a bicycle is also a lot less harmful for the environment than a car. Did you know that you have to plant 300 trees a year to compensate for the CO2 emissions of your car?

  1. More businesses have their own company bikes

And that’s very smart! Tax-wise, it’s attractive to provide bicycles for your staff. You can lease, rent or just buy them. And all costs related to encouraging the bicycle for work traffic are 120% deductible!

Convinced? Make sure your company thinks of its employees too! See the benefits for a business.

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