A day in the life of Wim, founder of Cycle Valley

 In Oktober 2017, September 2017

Cycle Valley provides bicycles for residential traffic, by leasing, renting or selling e-bikes. Of course we want as many people as possible to try out the electric bicycle. That’s why we organized a demo day some time ago in Ghent. Follow Wim for a whole day while he convinces people to go to their job by bike!

6.00: time to get out of bed!

I jump out of bed and take half an hour for myself. During my daily read of the newspaper, I take a bite to eat. When I’m fully charged and awake, I’m ready to take on the day… And it’s going to be a big one!

Today we’re teaming up with Stad Gent to organize a demo day considering solutions for mobility in the daily life of the employees of Stad Gent. The main goal of this exciting day? Get as many as possible employees familiar with all the different possibilities for business travel with electric scooters, cargo bicycles and regular bicycles.

 8.30: the sun is out while I arrive in Ghent – it’s promising to be a wonderful day!

We start with moving our bicycles from their storage units to the city halls. In the meanwhile, the employees of Stad Gent join us, and together we’re making sure we’re ready to receive the more than 150 interested parties.

 10.00: our new goodie arrives!

My partner Nathalie (no, she’s not the goodie I’m talking about!) arrives with our latest and brand new product: the electric folding bicycle. This newest development on our behalf provides everything the standard electric bike does, but only weighs 13kg. We can’t wait to present it!


One of our bikes

11.00: briefing o’clock!

Every employee is presented a short presentation about all the technical specifications of every bicycle. This briefing is quite important: it makes sure that every visitor is provided with the correct information, considering the employees will function as different contact points during the day. I have a good feeling about the group: the positive and enthusiastic drive roars throughout the room!

 12.00: fifteen-minute break

At twelve, I grab a bite to eat, but I have to be quick about it: at 12.15 the first visitors start to enter. Showtime!

 12.45: FULL HOUSE!

I did expect some visitors, but this crowd completely trumps my expectations. I couldn’t be happier with this turn-out!

 13.00: my very first interview

I hear the film crew of AVS is looking for me to do an interview… And I find this so very exciting, considering it’s my very first televised interview! Big thanks to Content Cats and Start it @kbc for this: they made sure I got my message across right and took care of inviting the press for me.

 14.30: after demo 

A lot of employees have tested our electric cargo bikes, scooters and folding bikes, and got the chance to ask us some interesting questions. I think we definitely got to help some of them with our advice! When the demo is finished, we return the bicycles to their storage units. Later this week, we’ll decide who’ll test the bikes further on before talking about a definitive purchase.

 16.00: back home!

When I get home, I take the time to go through my emails and finish some quotations.

 18.00: family time

We leave for my sons’ soccer practice. Not only some coveted family time, but also a lovely opportunity for enjoying that warm spring weather. I take the time to completely empty my head, just for a while. Delightful!

 20.00: finishing up for the day

After we get back home, we take a bite to eat and I put my son to bed. Following, I get back behind my computer: I still have some emails to answer, and I still have some preparing to do for some upcoming visits.

 23.30: quick stop before the TV and off to bed!

When I finished my to-do list (but is it ever finished, though?) I watch the evening news, and turn off the lights by midnight. Tomorrow will be a busy day as well, and you know what? I can’t wait for it to start again!

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